Braidless Sew in Weave (Beaded Method)


The “Braidless” Sew in method that I use is different than any that you have ever seen. This technique with the beaded method is much better to me than any fusion or micro links, etc.. I’ve been doing sew ins and weave installations for years and this method by far is the most flat, and healthy for your hair and simple method there is yet. So I have mastered this technique and I’m ready to spread it with the world with my own little twist on it. This style lasts longer than sew ins and can be quickly tightened up and styled in between installations. Less pressure is on the hair and it allows more flexibility for different hairstyles without tracks or braids showing. The tracks blend in with your hair and you can pull up into high ponytails or buns with no problem. This non damaging style is more than a regular sew in but well worth it. Lasts months and you dont have to worry about bulkiness of braids ladies. I do recommend that your hair match the texture of the hair you want sewn in.

African American women: its best if you have relaxed hair or hair that can easily be straightened to blend with weave of your choice.

Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic women: its best if your hair is long enough to cover tracks at top of your head at least and if you are blonde or brunnette, etc. you may need to purchase hair from beauty supply or Sally’s before coming due to all my virgin hair being a natural black/brown color.


This style starts at $200 And up.

RECOMMENDED WITH THIS INSTALLATION: Malaysian, Brazilian or Peruvian hair

21 thoughts on “Braidless Sew in Weave (Beaded Method)”

  1. This looks really good!

  2. Can I schedule an appointment

  3. Diamond said:

    How much does this cost

  4. xondria hurd said:

    I would like to know where your located and when your free.

  5. ulani santos said:

    do you travel? If not do you know any places in new york that can do this hairstyle?

  6. Are you sewing through the micro links?

  7. how long does your hair have to be for this method?

  8. How can I schedule an appointment?

  9. Where do we get the beads from?

  10. Is the hair included in the $150.00? If so, how much Is travel to Austin?

    • No maam hair is not included in the price. Bundle packages start at $250. Please see services and prices tab. You can choose up to 3 bundles if longer than 18 inches and 2 bundles If shorter lengths for the Braidless sew in. If you have any further questions please email me directly. Thank you. And to get prices for travel please email me

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